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Older versions of Sash windows, especially softwood, have been known to develop many problems as they age, making them problematic for homeowners who need to maintain a particular look or style.

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The main issues developed with the opening & closing action and security, more specifically, the cast iron window counterweights that are built into the frame get stuck, come loose or detach completely. Also the windows themselves became loose in the frames and as such either jammed open or closed and let huge amounts of draughts in around the edges of the window frames.

colours & casement windowsThe locks or catches on the centre rails of the window were also inadequate; meaning extra costs the upgrade for the homeowner.

Thankfully, the latest Sash windows designs deal with all of these issues admirably by using upgraded locking systems, spring loaded pre-tensioned window tracks with energy efficient double glazed panels and thermally efficient frames.

There is a decent range of choice when it comes to colour or finish, with windows available in plain or wood effect (including wood grain). The appearance lasts a very long time, because the colours don’t fade or crack and the moving window sections & frames don’t warp or deform.

Special architectural features, such as window horns & Georgian bars can be built in so that even if your property has special requirements (such as a listed building) you can be confident that uPVC Sash windows can do the job.

Sash Window Features

  • Wide Choice of Design Styles
  • Low friction, pre-tensioned counter weight systems
  • Non Stick, Non Jam guide tracks
  • Tilt & Turn Sash Window options
  • Storm proof draught excluders
  • Improved locking systems
  • Wood effect finishes, including wood-grain surface
  • Low Maintenance & Long Life Span
  • Special architectural design elements for special projects
  • Energy Efficient Frames & Low-e Glazed Panels

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