Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows

tilt and turn windows These types of designs have a unique way of opening – in fact two very different options. The first is that they will open as a normal casement does, except that they open inwards with a full 90 degree arc that allows for easy cleaning of the whole unit from the inside of the house – very useful on upper floors or in an apartment block as this wide arc of opening allows larger windows to be used as a door and in some cases as a fire escape.

alternatives could be French Windows - they can open in or out

The second method of opening is to lean or tilt the window opener backwards into the room and allows for excellent ventilation without having to fully open the window. For safety reasons, the angle to which the window can be tilted backward is limited.

All the usual colour options are available for tilt /turn windows as is low-e thermal glass, tempered glass & even laminated glass for time when the window is located in a high traffic or vulnerable place.

Frames benefit from steel reinforcing which prevents distortion or warping of the doors and keeps them in shape for many years.

Tilt & Turn Window Features

  • Wide Choice of Design Styles
  • Over a Dozen Different Colours
  • Wood effect finishes, including wood-grain surface
  • Low Maintenance & Long Life Span
  • High Security Multi-point Locks on openers
  • Energy Efficient Frames & Low-e Glazed Panels
Reversable tilt & turn double tilt sash window

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