French Windows & Doors

French Windows & Doors

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The difference between a French window & a French door is simply down to the way that they are used, as the basic features are exactly the same. However, this style is one of the few that has a popular use inside the home - usually to separate a lounge or living room from a dining area.

The design is based on a set of double opening windows (or doors) that can be set up to open inwards or outwards from the centre.

Some feature a full length plain glass section, but the classic look is to have many small glazed panels.

Although hardwood French Windows are available and look great, they need a high level of care because of the expansion and contraction of the wood during wet / hot / cold / dry weather can make the frames stick and create difficulty opening or closing them.

french doors

To avoid these problems you can select uPVC French windows & doors with reinforced frames, using uPVC windows also removes the expansion and contraction issues faced with wooden windows, because the material used is much less prone to swelling or shrinking.

All uPVC French windows are available with multi-point locks and a selection of colour options and wood effect finishes. For larger set of doors or windows, side & top panels can be added.

French Window Features

  • Open in or Open out Design Styles
  • Use as a Door or Window with Multi-point Locks
  • Wood effect finishes, including wood-grain surface for uPVC windows
  • Low Maintenance & Long Life Span
  • Hardwood, Softwood or UPVC options
  • Energy Efficient Frames & Low-e Glazed Panels
conservatory french doors

conservatory french doors

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